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I've been on Cozaar for about a week and have a lot of sinus congestion. I'm trying to put up with it, but had a hard time sleeping last night. I take singulair and nasalcort for allergies/sinus problems. I'm wondering if (hopefully) this symptom will pass? Are any of the other ARB's better for people with sinus/allergy problems? Avapro gave me a bad cough, and I had trouble sleeping with Diovan. I'm determined to try to stay in the ARB class because I think (for me) they're the best drug if I could just find one with tolerable side effects.
[QUOTE=suki1724;3305982]I can't take beta-blockers due to asthma, and felt really rotten on Calcium channel blockers. Besides ACE-inhibitors which I don't think are great for asthma, I don't think I have too many other choices. My doctor also says that it's a good, safe class of drug. (I know some other people on here have had bad experiences with ARB's)

My father used Cozaar, which is an ARB drug, for 2 years and he had no side effects at all. So everyone is different. I hope you find the best one in this class for you.
Good luck,
Thanks for all of the suggestions/advice. I'm going to try to stay on the cozaar a little longer and hopefully my body will adjust.