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First I would make sure that your figure of 170 is as accurate as possible. Get a good b/p monitor & check your b/p under all kinds of situations. Be sure to check your b/p monitor against the Dr's b/p equipment for accuracy.

Find a list of possible causes of HBP & go down the list with a fine tooth comb. For example, check your water for lead. Make sure your Dr. has done the appropriate blood & urine tests to find a cause of HBP.

I would try all the lifestyle stuff first before taking meds. Although Dr's make lite of the side effects of b/p meds, some can be quite serious. For example, I have permanent damage to my knees, upper arms, & hands from Cozaar which I only took for 13 days. There isn't a way at the moment for forcasting beforehand who will be affected adversely beforehand. Mayo Clinic does have some blood tests for some heart drugs to see if they will work in an individual patient.

Duiretics namely HCTC would be my first choice drug for ISH. It reduced my systolic without affecting my diastolic when nothing else would. Then Norvasc which is known to reduce systolic b/p. I couldn't take the side effects. Fam