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I have posted previously about having heart valve disease. Today I noticed some swelling above my sock top on my legs. My feet and ankles have never had swelling before that I know of. I recently saw my cardiologist for a followup echo, first visit since I got the news on the valve problems. It was reported to be "okay" which I assume meant no change. I was tried on Benazepril and Cozaar and could not tolerate as I had coughing spasms. I have been given a Pro card ia script that is away in mail order at this time. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this drug and what precautions may need to be taken. I know the cardiologist was concerned at my visit that my BP was low even after I had been walking the halls. He questioned me about what a normal BP is for me and seemed hesitant to give me this med, but indicated he wanted me on something to take the stress off my heart because of all the valve problems. I also am awaiting an MRI next week for a possible cervical nerve impingement either above or below a previous cervical fusion. Any wisdom on the *******ia, swelling? I was hoping to delay the start of this med pending the cervical MRI evaluation as I have so many drug reactions and allergies in my background. Thanks in advance for those who share your wisdom.
Mileena, I had posted in detail the results of a TEE from a few months ago. I have mild to moderate regurgitation in the mitral, pulmonic and tricuspid valves and moderate to severe regurgitation in the aortic valve. I have never noticed any swelling prior to today. One of the previous meds was a beta blocker, then cozaar which is a different classification drug and now he has ordered the pro_cardia. I have been under a lot of stress from the pain of a possible cervical rupture and am awaiting an MRI next week. The way the doctor approached the subject of my BP was that he took it several times and did not like that it seemed lower than usual, but I had only seen him once in the office and once at the hospital for the TEE. I also have other health issues, FMS for one, so I am constantly in pain but because of multiple medication allergies and bad reactions to others, it is hard to medicate me for pain. I have been going to PT for the "possible nerve impingement" but I have not had any luck controlling the pain, which I think is affecting my BP. Thanks for your input.