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Thanks FG for the suggestions. mar in answer to your question re: adrenalin. I don't have constant adrenalin flow & stress. There are just certain times when I am trying to accomplish a lot & my husband is in a hurry to go somewhere that it surfaces. He is a more of a type A personality who is always on the go & in a hurry. I tend to be a more laid back kind of person who plans ahead so that I don't have to be always on a treadmill. My high dose of meds particularly beta blockers have really slowed me down plus the fact that it takes so much more time for me to to walk because of the knee damage from Cozaar Then there is the damage to my hands & fingers which prevent me from quickly doing anything from starting the car to cutting up vegetables. I find that people in general are very impatient.

I stressproof my life as much as possible with exercise (moderate), writing in my journal, eating healthy, & making sure I do the things that make me happy. Stressproofing our lives is even more important as we age & enounter health problems.

An over active thyroid will make you feel very anxious so you need to get that checked every year after 40 yrs. Fam