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I have the opposite problem, I am always too hot even in 30 degree weather!!! Neither are much fun.

First, cold temps constrict blood vessels so you have to be vigilent about always taking warm clothing with you. I found when we lived in Fargo, ND with minus temps that a thick wool sweater with a LL Bean windbreaker was the best at keeping the cold out cause it is a light weight combination. Remember to wear a hat. One loses most of one's heat from one's head.

Also, always keep a hot drink handy. Just plain water heated to almost boiling & put in a mug will keep your hands & body warm while you are outside or inside for that matter. You can sip it for 1-2 hrs while you go about your day. I would use filtered water (a Brite filler is great) rather than hot tap water because of the possibility of contaminents in the water tank.

Then you have to make sure your thyroid is working properly by getting your blood tested. Perhaps your Dr. has already done that.
Don't overlook your blood hemoglobin level too which will make you feel cold if it is low. Some b/p meds can decrease those levels too. That happened to me with Cozaar but you would most likely have fatigue too. Fam