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I got a serious drug induced reaction to Cozaar which sounds similar to your reaction as far as the swelling. My knees are permanently damaged so that I have to wear elastic bandages on them to walk. This of course limits my lifestyle.

If your knees are swollen, ask the Dr. if it is okay to wear elastic bandages & or support hose. The pressure of the fluid may damage your knees as it did mine.

Find a small soft ball to exercise your hands to maintain function. The ball should be easy to squeeze. Putting your hands in warm water should help before doing the exercises.

You must get rid of the swelling somehow. Fam

My info is only from reading quality medical magazines etc. Cozaar damaged my knees directly from what I understand. Plus I recently found out that the pressure from the swelling probably damaged the ligaments which is one of my major problems. I have that great book by an orthopedic surgeon which has educated me considerably. The knee exercises really help with the ligament issue. Fam