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I had a major reaction to cozaar which is part of your drug. I strongly urge you to start on just the diuretic so you can get a handle on the side effects. That will be challenge enough for now.

What is your b/p?

Take the diuretic first thing in the am with breaksfast. Drink 8-12 glasses of some kind of fluid throughout the day to decrease the chances of developing Gout & also to give the body a way to get the sodium out of the body.

Eat a very balanced diet (Dash diet plan is good) to prevent a decrease in minerals which are elminated with the sodium. Some calcium is retained so ask the Dr. if you are presently taking supplements.

You need to plan potty breaks throughout the day & night.

Read the info about your drug & get the pkg insert if possible. Read my experience with cozaar & Beth's experience either HCTZ (the diuretic). Fam