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Had a pretty good day today. Did lots of cleaning etc. but ate well too. Had a nice dessert of corn bread (toasted) with blueberries. Plan to cook some lentils tomorrow. Need some more recipes for them. I have a good recipe that I like but I need to find more. Lentils are so bland that one can
stick them almost anywhere.

I've been reviewing the iron content of my diet to make sure that I am getting enough. My Dr. doesn't like the fact that one of my blood tests doesn't want to come up. I'm not anemic she said. I didn't remind her
Cozaar probably damaged my bone marrow so that is why the size of my red blood cells is a little low. Luckily, I have the before & after lab tests to prove my case!!! BTW we all need 10mg of iron daily. Meat is the best source but veggies can do the job too-just need more of them.

Finally got my C-Pap together so I can use it tomorrow. I put it back in my BR where it is cooler for taking a nap.

Had my untrasound yesterday so my schedule got mixed up which meant I ate late in the day with resulting heartburn last night. So much for sleep. I should have slept in my lazyboy.

Glad you & you puppie got out for a walk. You may get to enjoy walking once you do it more. My husband is finally walking everyday. He has resisted for years. After having a heart attack, he really needs to get his circulation going. Playing sports just doesn't do the job because his sports are stop & go & he needs continuous blood flow for a period of time. Fam