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My present Endo said that if my daughter didn't have thyroid cancer (papillary with follicular ) he would have just watched. As far as I know, there isn't a genetic link. But I did read that thyroiditis which I have, is a risk factor.

I don't care how low the % is of spreading cancer cells, I am the mind of why take the chance unless there is a good reason. I took a chance on a drug called Cozaar for severe HBP which had rave reveiws especially as far as side effects. I was one of the unlucky ones. Now I have permanent damage to my knees, hands, upper arms, & probably bone marrow (became anemic.) I have to wear elastic bandages to walk.

So I am very cautious. Thanks Osteo.

I was able to get an appointment in June with a very experienced Endo who I saw 5 yrs ago. I'll be interested in what he has to say. Unless I learn otherwise I think I have time to investigate the whole situation. Fam