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Hi Sunshine,

I was in your shoes 5 yrs ago. But there is hope!!! Make a list of all the meds you have taken so far. Then find out the inactive ingredients in them beside the main chemical ingredient. Don't wait for the Dr. to do it-it probably won't happen :).

This is what I did & found that I was allergic or hypersensitive to yellow dye #6 in some of the meds I had tried. So I had HCTZ made up by a compound pharmacist without the dye. Now I can take it & it lowers my b/p. I also take lebetalol which is an alpha/beta blocker.

How high is your b/p without meds? Have you tried the Dash diet & other lifestyle changes? Has your b/p monitor been checked to make sure it is accurate? Make sure you need a b/p med first. I have permanent damage to my body from Cozaar & I only took it 13 days so these drugs are not harm free. Fam
famnd What did the Cozaar do to you? I am asking in case I would have to swotch to something different. Lisinipril lowered my bp too much. I am on a low dose of metoproll but hope to get off it. Hope to try diet, exercise, etc. Thanks Pam
I got a drug /Lupus reaction to Cozaar. My hands, knees, & feet swelled up & remained so for a few months. This caused permanent damage to my fingers & knees. I have to wear elastic bandages on my knees to walk any distance or to do my housework. Because of danger of getting blood clots, I have to take them off about every two hrs. I have nice legs so having to wear these ugly bandages is double whammy !!! To top it off, there is a possibility that if the Dr's had listened to me when I first told them that I was having new & unusual symptoms since starting Cozaar, I could have avoided the whole reaction.

It takes me forever to do simple things with my hands that I once did with ease. My upper arm muscles were damaged which makes swimming etc difficult so I have to wear a bulky foam belt around my chest. My blood count dropped dramatically & it took two yrs for it to come back up to an acceptable range. This probably means that I had some damage to my bone marrow.

But at least I know that I had researched Cozaar before taking it & that I had good reason to take the risk because my b/p was over 200 & had to be brought under control. Fam