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Your arms must be made of steel!!! I only lasted about 5 months of intensive b/p monitoring. My right arm is already damaged from a needle breaking off in it as a child. The Cozaar finished both arms off with tissue damages. But I did get a good picture of my b/p which I think is very helpful.

Now I'm in Phrase 4 of my b/p adjustment period as I call it. I'm giving myself a break & not taking my b/p at all. Since I had some horrific experiences regarding my b/p reading at Dr's offices, I get really off the wall readings at one Dr's & good ones at another. Some of that is related to the nurse not using proper technique or having working equipment in good condition.

I know my b/p med is working because I get those awful side effects in a predictable pattern each time I take my alpha/Beta blocker.

Luckily, I have always eaten heathy & exercised because that was the way I was raised. Sometimes it is a blessing to be poor & have to walk everywhere. We couldn't afford all the extra's in the form of sweets & eating out but vegetables were cheap in comparsion to meat.

But I have had to go to extremes to manage my acid reflux which is a small price to pay not to have to take those awful meds.

As you have found out, when you have your health you have everything!!!

I'm hopeful that I can decrease my reaction the b/p cuff by staying away from it for awhile. I've gained a lot of insight from the two medical texts concerning this problem.
I'll post those findings soon. According to the texts the very act of taking one's b/p or having it taken is a big factor in increasing one's b/p especially in those of us that are more sensitive. Fam