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Got a 3rd opinion on my nodules ranging in size from 2-8mm on both sides. This Endo (experienced 50 yr old) who I believe is a medical school professor said to suppress my thyroid to decrease thyroiditis episodes & suppress thyroid thereby decrease size of nodules. I am reluctant to take high doses of Synthyroid because I have severe labile HBP. He said to do other UC in one year. He also said that the largest nodule/goiter? is probably scar tissue from thyroiditis. Another factor is that I had a flare up of thyroiditis at the time of the US which apparently shows up on the US so that as I understand the 8mm might be less.

My ENT Doc says to US in 6 months & not do a needle biopsy until a nodule is 1 1/2cm although my husband said he said 1 cm which is the general rule.

My younger Endo flavored TT. He sent me to the ENT. None of the Doc's can feel my nodules at the present time. All of this concern was brought on by my daughter's thyroid cancer (Palpilary with a follicular variant.)

Anyone have success with thyroid suppression of nodules?

BTW I am in my 60's & want to enjoy my remaining years without more health issues & disabilities. Cozaar (b/p drug) damaged my knees, upper arms, hands so that I've had to radically change my retirement plans. So I am willing to take more risk of cancer than I would if I were younger & had children to raise.