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How big are your nodules? I just got my 3rd opinion on my nodules. As adults we have to make these decisions about our health; I think it is best to be informed as possible including knowing what can happen if things go wrong. Like the Boy Scouts say : Be Prepared.

Gather information about the surgery, the pro & cons, know your medical history & how it applies to the situation, & what you would choose for follow up care if the nodules were cancer.

My daughter had thyroid surgery in Jan. Now she wishes she would have made a different decision on whether to have the entire gland removed. All of her parathyroid glands were destroyed in the surgery so now she is on calcium replacement which is causing problems with her kidneys etc. Plus the Dr. messed up & didn't get her labs checked so she is behind the 8 ball trying to get her thyroid hormone levels up. She chose not to have the RAI treatment.

We all have stress & anxiety when confronted with these health decisions but I can tell you that you will feel much better knowing that you did your best to have the best outcome.

When I took Cozaar (a b/p drug), I thoroughly researched the drug & what might happen if I took the drug. Sadly, I was the one in million I guess that got a major drug reaction that has had profound affects on my life . But I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did my best to avoid that reaction by informing myself of the possible reactions.

Like Reece said most people go through the surgery without major problems.