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I read about the Fleet's enema & ace inhibitors a few months ago. I'm behind in my warnings :). So sorry to hear what happened to you.

It irks me no end when Dr's say it is rare because it still happens to someone. If it can be avoided then do it!!!

I had permanent damage to my knees from Cozaar & my DR's refused to acknowledge my reaction instead saying I had Lupus which test results didn't show. Thank goodness I had the present of mind to stop taking the drug before more damage was done to my body. I did consult a pharmacist to make sure there was no withdrawal however.

The bottom line is we must be vigilant!!! Don't take any med without first reading the package insert and/or a PDR which has similar infor that is required to be updated freguently. Pay attention to the drug interaction. Don't assume that your DR's are minding the STORE!!! They maybe out to lunch or too busy. Fam