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As a further insight, I had mentioned insulin. When we consume high glycemic carbohydrates (those with little fibre) such as corn flakes, potatoes, white bread, our pancreas immediately reacts by producing huge amounts of insulin. As well, a typical soft drink has from 7 teaspoons and up of refined sugar-easily determined by looking at the label as a teaspoon of sugar is 5gms. It causes the pancreas to produce huge amounts of insulin to break down the sugars. I prepare my daily oatmeal in the microwave every morning. It is one part oatmeal to 3 parts water. I sprinkle freshly ground golden organic flax on it (excellent source of omega 3 which is key to fighting heart disease and cancer). I might have the odd raison or unsweetened rhubarb. But you could also put fresh peaches on it. I think that you want to avoid brown sugar, as you would be defeating the purpose of having a low glycemic cereal to keep insulin levels down.

This insulin is the key factor in determining the amount of glucagon. With low insulin, we have high levels of glucagon secreted. With high levels of constant insulin being secreted by the pancreas, the levels of glucagon are kept low. Glucagon is the key hormone in weight loss as it burns off fat. It is a joke that many products advertise for weight reduction and they indicate that the person can continue to consume high levels of
sugar and high glycemic carbs. It won't work.

When I was diagnosed with elevated or high blood pressure in 2004, I immediately switched off sugar and margarine. I saw dramatic results right away. I went down from 194 lbs to about 168 pounds over several months. As well, exercise such as walking also decreases the level of insulin, as we will have somewhat elevated levels of insulin just from the fact that we are consuming carbohydrates. So the walking will lower the levels of the insulin. A key factor is also the timing of meals. Ideally, after a meal, a good walk would be a help. Sometimes, we are tempted to have a nap after a big meal. That isn't good. As well, the timing of meals is key. We shouldn't eat within the time period of less than 4 hours before our normal bedtime. Ideally, we should have lowered our insulin levels before we retire for the night.

From my efforts, I require only 25 mg of cozaar daily instead of the 50 mg of cozaar that I started on in 2004.

If one learns to hate refined sugar, you will hopefully see a decrease in the waist line. I am pulling for all those who face weight challenges.

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