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It is very important to read the package insert as well as other info on a med before taking it. Being an informed consumer may save your life or prevent major disability. I took Cozaar for 13 days & now have severly damaged knees, upper arm muscle weakness, &fingers that don't work properly, & problems keeping my blood count up. I knew I could stop the drug without rebound hypertension & I knew that the drug could cause some of the other side effects from reading the insert. Even though my Drs were telling me that the drug was not responsible for my side effects,
I had the good sense to stop taking the drug. ( I did talk with a pharmacist.) I shudder to think what condition my body would be in if I had listened to the Dr. & kept taking Cozaar. As it is, I have to put on these ugly elastic banadages on my knees every morning before I can do anything. It is difficult to do a zillion different things in my daily life with hands that don't work.

There are so many drugs (b/p). No matter how smart a Dr. is they simply do not have the time to inform the patient or for that matter to read all the info about the drug & relate it to your particular case.

These b/p meds can be life savers for us but they carry risk. We must know what the risk is if that is possible. If you have a serious side effect, you need to make a report to the FDA. I also call the drug manufacturer. Fam