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I've been through the "pill mill" too. I think both of your readings probably reflect your anxiety about starting a new med & wanting results. This is "NORMAL." We all go through that.

Some of the new med is stored in the fat tissue as a reserve since the body considers it a toxin. So it does take awhile to get your blood levels up.

It took a month for HCTZ (diuretic) to kick in for me & I desperately needed it because my b/p was over 200. Yours are still at safe levels.

Having said that you must for vigilant for any unusual signs of trouble (side effects) from this new med. I would arm myself with a information sheet called the package insert with all the data concerning this drug. Don't settle for the pharmacy print out cause it isn't detailed enough.

Some of these b/p drugs can actually raise one's b/p as well as other nasty things. It seems we all metabolize drugs in a different way. Research is going on by a world wide group to find out how to recognize which drugs will work in which body. Mayo Clinic has already done some of this research for certain drugs.

For example, when I took Cozaar I started getting very painful wrists. This was very unusual for me. My Dr. brushed it off as early arthritis. I was on the drug for 13 days & ended up damaging my body a lot. Yet many people take this drug with no problem.

So we have to be informed. Having hypertension requires a lot of time from the patient. Your Dr. simply is not going to do this because he/she does not have the time & may be lazy to boot.

I would still be floundering with my b/p if I had not put considerably effort & time into figuring out my b/p puzzle. I'm proud to say I did as much & more in some instances than my Dr's.

On the other hand, I would have loved to have gone in & got the right pills, had my b/p drop like a water balloon, & done other fun stuff with my time. Just think of all I would have missed: allergic reactions, endless phone calls to drug manufacturers, swollen hands & feet, severe heartburn, heated discussions with expert Dr's, preparing my case to stop a drug like a lawyer would, & finally adjusting to medications that work for me. :) Fam