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I'm not sure what it is that I can't tolerate. I'm taking 81mg aspirin, Plaxix, and coumadin because of a heart attack I suffered two years ago, come November.I was given a stent. In short, my bleeding problems have become pretty severe in that I've had bleeding from both my vaginal amd rectal area. When I scratch my self or cut my finger, I bleed profusely for a good while. This has come to a head today w/ rectal bleeding. Not much mind you but bleeding just the same. Shouldn't be.I have vowed to my doctor's nurse that I'll never take another Plavix, though I'm not sure that one is the problem. I also take Toprol xl and Enalapril and have just started Crestor. That is gonna' be a challenge! For some of us, there is no tolerating many meds, however it does little good to discuss them with your doctor.
Good luck W/ your medications, and always be vigilant!