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I have been working with my Dr. to get off of the Statins and Zetia. I have been experiencing "Memory Fog" issues. I have been off of Zetia for about a year, and was taking 10mg of Lipitor and 2g of Niaspan, with these numbers

TC 140
HDL 67
LDL 56
TRI 84

I stopped taking lipitor 2 months ago and only take Niaspan with these numbers

TC 204
HDL 46
LDL 138
TRI 102

Problem is that my memory issues have not cleared up and my Dr. concludes that it is not the Lipitor that is causing it. Is 2 months long enough to make this determination?

My history is that I am 52 and work out daily (in good physical shape and not over weight). Don't smoke, drink occasionally. I have a family history of CAD, and have a plaque score.

My Dr. wants to start me on 5mg of Crestor but only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Any thoughts on going back on the Statins?
In recent days, a huge clinical study of Crestor was ended abruptly because they determined there was a dramatic reduction in cardio fatalities amongst the group taking the statin, vs those on the placebo. The data was viewed as too compelling to continue.

A key element revealed was the fact that reductions in fatality were the same amongst those with "normal" cholesterol levels.

I think people have been aware of this sort of thing for some time, although not perhaps validated to this extent. Cholesterol may well be a minor part of cardiac problems and inflammation much more of a concern. This leads to the prescribing of statins on an empirical basis to deal with heart disease, as opposed to using them to target a substance which might not be the culprit.

Kind of like taking aspirin for a headache and finding out it reduces rates of colon cancer.

Until such time as very specific drugs can target specific cardio issues, the choice will be between statins, niacin and their side effects, or the consequences of being a cardiac cripple or fatality.
Just an update - after only a few days on the Crestor, I started having muscle aches and fatigue. I would get up in the morning and could hardly walk down the stairs. I'm not sure what I will use to lower my LDL, but I see my cardio in a few weeks. Just curious though. I was taking 10mg of Lipitor, and now I'm taking 5mg of Crestor. I though 2.5mg was the equivalent dose. Anyone know for sure?