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I have Hypothyroidism, I have recently switched from Sythroid to Levoxyl. my previous doctor said that I should remain on sythroid and that I should not take the generic levothroxine , as I had been switched back and forth in the past, When I switched doctors I was switched back to levoxyl once again.

Is generic levothroxine less effective? Also I was wondering about other underlying problems due to hypothyroidism.

I do have hormonal issues, resulting in depression and weight gain. I tale cymbalta for my depression. Also I have severe Cystic Acne which I take Tetracycline for but I still get breakouts. I am pre-diabetic and I take Metformin, I have high blood pressure and I take Micardis HCT, and high cholesterol and I take Crestor. Do any of these medications when taken together loose their effectiveness of cause side effects?

Every time I go in for follow up blood work they say my medications are working but I still feel bad all the time. I have problems sleeping and I build up edema of my neck, throat, mouth, tongue, legs & feet. I am always lethargic and i feel like I need to sleep most of the time but this may also be a symptom of my depression.

I have only 1 kidney, at the age of 5 I was diagnosed with a wilms tumor. I have been in remission for 21 years now. The last time I had a urinalysis done they said I had high protein levels but nothing was ever followed up.

I feel like the doctors are missing something and that they think it's all in my head.