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I am not able to take statins, the painful side effects are terrible. i actually think they are the reason i have fibromyalgia now.

in the past i have been on lipitor, zocor, provochol, another on that started with an l, i can't remember it now. anyway they all made me very, very sick. i have been off all of them for about 2 yrs now.

last week had yearly with pcp and blood results show very high cholesterol, 248. he gave me 5 mg of crestor. after taking only 2 pills i was in so much pain i could barely walk.

it's a shame, and i'm very worried about it now. i will have to call him and tell him i can't take this either, but what's left? is there anything i should suggest to him. i was reading another post where the subject was trichor? with bad results? i'm just so worried, i am super sensitive to drugs. i don't know what to do.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance, stars