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Doc called in the scrip. It's for 75 mcg. Do you all think this might bring me back to "normal"? The way I feel now, I think probably not but I hope it does. He also precribed cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) for muscle relaxant and diclofenac potassium (cataflam) for joint pain. Well, considering almost every med that CAN cause drowsiness DOES in me and the fact that I'm hypo, I figure I'll be sleeping most of the time as both of these meds can cause drowsiness. And one says it may cause dizziness. I think with this hypo-t thing and my nutty doc, I'm "dizzy" enough! :) Oh, and now my work is threatening me. They say my doc's office never sent my FMLA papers in. They have stopped paying me and sent a registered letter to me saying that if I don't send my medical records in to them, they will concider me as "voluntarily seperating myself from the company". They know they can't fire me so they're trying any scare tactic they can hoping that I'll give up. Wrong! I made a mistake by letting them scare me once before. They demanded my records from last March up until August about a month ago. My husband sent my records to them. They claim they never got them. Then they stopped my checks. I asked my work to send me some more FMLA papers for my doc to fill out. They refused to do that until I send them my medical records so that THEY could decide whether I needed to be off work or not. Is there anyone out there from the Chicago/Joliet, Illinois area who knows a good lawyer for this sort of stuff? I have to call one tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me.