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Yesterday I was diagnosed as having Cervical Arthritis. It's good news in a way since for a long time they had no clue what I had. I have a little neck pain and quite a bit in my back but mostly it affects my hands and arms. I have severe, constant pain- numbness, tingling, stiffness, sharp pains, cracking/popping, and weakness---a lot of the time it feels like they've been injected with novocane with added pain on top of it. I take loratab, cyclobenzaprine, and bextra. None of it is doing much of anything. I was told I need to lose weight for my symptoms to lessen. I'm beginning to work on that. I'm 25 and newly married. I'm beginning to think it was brought on by a car accident I had a little over 6 months ago. The symptoms showed up a little at a time over a few weeks then hit hard (sending me flat on my back). Is this possible? I'm just now realizing it and am going to make strides to see if it's covered by insurance. What I'd like to know is if anyone is having problems working. I was working as a cook/waitress but the pain became to severe. I'm having trouble with using a computer and sitting at a desk (writing, typing etc). I can't lift much so what work is available for me right at this moment until I get this illness under control?