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Hello. I need some help or some advice, if anyone here has experienced this or can help, for I am at a loss and desperate.

I have a brother, who is 39. He had back surgery a year ago for a slipped disk. He was cut open from the front and back in an 8 hour surgery and had plastic inserted between 2 discs that had lost cartilage and had steel screws placed into his discs to keep them in place.

Since then he has gone downhill. He has been on continuous medication and living with my parents who are crying all the time. He is an extreme pain and getting no answers from Dr's. Now, he is so messed up from the continuos medication that he hardly remembers where he is or what he has done and whenever he goes back to the Dr's, they give him more and say "Give it time". It has been a year and 3 months.

He can't even help himself anymore or think straight enough to demand improvement, so I am trying to seek a route to take to help. I think he has indeed become highly addicted to the meds. He has seen specialists, neurologists....name it, he has seen it. He goes back and forth with workmen's comp paying, then closing the case...waiting for it to reopen.

Both he and my parents cannot take much more. I am loosing my family. Does anyone have any advice or anything they can recommend????

He is currently on
Davocet...Valium...and Cyclobenzaprine.