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Hi Kim,
I go back tomorrow - Dr. Bhargava (I think that's how it's spelled) for my two week post check up. Yes, I'm working, and I have a very physical job. I teach Tennis, and am on the court anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day. I've been very obedient, have not had a racquet in my hand, but am "teaching" with my voice. Wearing the brace constantly, but it's so hard not to bend, twist, stoop. That's everything I do all day. Plus I keep dropping things!! Then what? Gotta bend down to pick 'em up!! Think I'd get smarter, huh? What have you been taking for the pain & inflammation? I've settled into a combination of Advil 2x a day and 8 hour tylenol. Sometimes cyclobenzaprine before bed if I haven't been sleeping well. That knocks me out! I think that I can finally say I am standing a little straighter in the morning. I'm upright and pretty good by the time I get to the club. Driving still stinks! Read my reply to Brenda, too. Hope you continue to feel better, and maybe it's better if you lose your job? At least you can relax and get that back better!! Keep in touch.