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Last Week I Wrote If Anyone Was Familar With A Drug Called Ketoprohen. This Was Spelled Incorrectly. The Correct Spelling Is Ketasone.
This Is A Compound Medicine Made Up Of The Following Meds,ibuprofen 20%,dexamethasone5%,lidocaine 2%,cyclobenzaprine5%,ketamine 25%, Gabapentin 5% And Triancinalone 1%.
It Is Available With A Prescription Or As A Direct Mailing From The Manufacturer With A Prescription. If You Use The Manufacturer, They Will Drop Ship Every Month Until The Prescription Used Up And Direct Bill Your Insurance Company.

I Use This When I Get Severe Neuropathy In My Legs And It Does Help. I Also Use It When I Get Small Pains In My Neck, Ect. This Way I Use Less Of My Opiod Meds.

I Hope This Will Help Everyone Who Has Pain And Needs Good Relief But Only From "small" Pain!
I Wish Everyone A Painfree Day!!


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Hi Pete, Am I wrong to assume this is a topical cream from neuropothy. There may be a specielty pharmacy or manufacturer that uses this combination of Numbing agent "lidocaine", Ibuphrofen "NSAID", ketamine "NMDA receptor blocker", cyclobenzaprine "muscle relaxer" and "dexomethasone", steroidal antinflamatory," Gapapentin, "anticonvulsive for nerve pain" and triancinalone "another steroidal anti-inflamatory commonly used in nasalcort"

It doesn't sound like anything you want to swallow but sounds like it could be helpful for those with topical neuralgia.
Very interesting Pete and you have a doc that seems to know his pharmacology. ;)
Good luck and happy holidays, Dave