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Quote from kwise:
I had ESi done yesterday. And Im in severe pain/ severe muscle spasms. I know the spasms sometimes goes with it but I hurt really bad. Took 2 demerol and didnt even touch the pain. Has any body had this type of pain after an ESI. I didnt have this type of re action when I got SI injection, or facet Injection. Thank you..Needing some help here :confused:

When I had acupuncture on my back, that gave me major muscle spasms. Call your doctor and tell him/her what's going on, and ask for some muscle relaxers. Cyclobenzaprine is a good one, and it's a generic. It can make you sleepy though.

The only reaction I had to any of my ESIs was some flu-like symptoms for a couple days after my first one, and some pain in my tailbone, which was relieved by laying down.
After the first one I never had any problems.