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I am 18 years old and I was just diagnosed with degenerative disk disease (lowest disk in my spine either L4 or L5) . I have had a lot of pain over the last few months that probably came from playing football. Before I found out that i have DDD i took ibuprofen daily, to the point that it no longer worked.

I was prescribed lodine (didnt help). then I was diagnosed and given a prescription for voltran. (lodine and voltran are both anti-inflamitories, neither helped at all)

I am now taking 10 mg of cyclobenzaprine (generic for flexerin, a muscle relaxer) 3 times daily and the pain is about 90% better.

my doctor said that the pain should leave me alone, without any medication once my prescription runs out. I won't be playing any more football but I havnt in a while and when I dont take my medicine the back pain returns.

He said that my back would feel perfectly normal and then maybe bother me occasionally in the long run, but Its not getting any better between the physical therapy and flexerin, a temporary relief.

Does anyone here with DDD have a similar experience? does the pain ever stop or is it persistant? I'm less concerned with now...I'm just afraid that i'll have cronic back pain by age 30 or 40. thanks, any comments would be greatly appreciated.