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Eight Months after my L5 S1 diskectomy and lamenectomy my pain was equal or worse than presurgery. An MRI with contrast revealed scar tissue. My surgeon was tight lipped about this revealing very little on how much and where. I guess people who scar like this are a small percentage and I would like to know more. The surgeon suggested more physical therapy, which I have been doing twice a week since July. If that did not work, epidurals, which I am using my previous pain management doctor. He uses the precision method under a sedative and flouriscope. I have tons of meds, Neurontin 400MG 3x daily, Naproxen 500MG 2x daily. I have hydrocodone 7.5/750, oxycontin 20MG, and cyclobenzaprine 10MG for breakthrough pain. I use a TENS unit 2-3 times a day which gives temporary relief 2-3 hours for those times when you cannot take narcotics. I also try to walk as much as my pain allows. I have some side effects of the drugs like cloudy memory increased liver functions, weight gain of 25 pounds or more. Looks like it is going to be permanent and I am told I should apply for my SSDI and medicare/caid to help defer the medical care I am about to embark upon. Please shoot me some of your stories and advise and let me know I am not alone in this. Thanks. DM