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Sacred, ask his Dr. if he has any clinical trials going on with RA. If not, call around. Someone should have one going on. Before I was in one, I was taking Plaquenil, prednisone, amitryptilyn, sulfasalesene, cyclobenzaprine. You name it, I've tried it. I seem to have it worse than most people on here because I was practically bedridden with it. I hurt all over my body 24/7. At one time I was taking oxycontins, lortabs, and I still had to go to the ER and get shots, one of which was morphine. I have a high pain tolerance, but my pain was unbearable! I had to have help to move from the bedroom to the bathroom! The only thing that I took consistently that helped the pain was prednisone. You cant be on it forever tho, so when he took me off, I was in the same situation. Thats when he got me into this clinical trial. :) Now I can do most anything with pain in my hands and knees. I still take pain pills but I can live with this!