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Hello all,

First of I am new but I have read many posts. Today, I went to a oral facial clinic and talk to the doctor about all my symptoms. I have left ear pressure, what feels to be an uneven/uncomfortable bite. I have neck, shoulder tenderness, and some dull jaw pain. Well the dr. checked my bite, reflexes, and xrays. I also told her that I have been diagnosed with RBBB (Right Bundle Branch Block) but she gave me a drug called flexeril which most of you seem to know. The thing is I went to the internet and looked up the drug and it says Do not take cyclobenzaprine if you
· have recently (within the last 6 weeks) had a heart attack,
· have irregular heartbeats,
· have a heart block, (This is the one I am worried about)
Well anyway I am not going to start taking a drug that has that kind of warning. I will call them tonight if I can. But anyways for the treatment she says that I have to take these for two weeks and then she will see in for a follow up in a total of 4 weeks. She said if this doesn't help there is injections and or splint. So heres my question, has anyone had similar symptoms and has any treatment worked? I really think there is something wrong with my jaw but I don't know how to tell a Dr that. Any help or encoragement will help!


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