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Yay!!! I'm so happy I could do a backflip (if my back would allow that). LOL I went to a spine specialist today (I'm not sure what her exact title was) but she prescribed Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), accupuncture, and aqua therapy. Anyway, I was wondering about the Cyclobenzaprine... The doctor was going to prescribe Neurontin, but after my mother nearly had a heart attack when hearing it (apparently someone in my family had some nerve damage from it), the doctor said we could try something else. I think she was going to try another pain medication, but then my mother asked about a muscle relaxer that she took (the cyclobenzaprine), and she said it would be okay. Now, my question is, isn't cyclobenzaprine used for an anti-anxiety medication??? I did a search on these boards and I found that someone who was depressed was prescribed it, and also, when my mother suggested it one night in the emergency room, the doctor said that it wouldn't help me because it was an anti-anxiety medication and I wasn't having anxiety. So what is it??? Anyone know???
Cyclobenzaprine is the generic name for Flexeril and it is primarily prescribed as a muscle relaxant. Since it is a type of sedative, it is probably given to someone suffering from an anxiety attack to calm him/her down. As I'm sure you know, any one drug can often be used for more than one purpose. Neurontin, for example, is frequently prescribed to back pain sufferers as it helps to relieve nerve pain, but it is also used for seizures and that sort of thing. Hopefully the exercises in water and acupuncture will help more than the drug!

I tried Flexeril for my sciatic pain. It primarily just made me very, very sleepy or just pretty much knocked me out. I would suggest you be very careful the first times you take it in case you react as I did!