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well I'm kinda upset with this dr he is just a reg dr not a heart dr or anything..he did know blood work or any test what so ever..but he told me he was going to treat me with two kinds of meds and see if it helps..he said well heart problems don't run in your family so I wouldn't think it would be that..which it don't but my mom dad and brother has high blood pressure..my blood pressure has always ran around 98 over 58 which I always thought was low..but yesterday it was good it was 130 over 82..but he gave me some meds in the office that didn't help the pain or burning in the chest some kind of cocktail..he said he was going to put me on protonix which is for hiatal hernias..which I don't know why he put me on that I don't think I have that..and for the circulation something called cyclobenzaprine.the protonix didn't help at all unless it has to get into my system..and the cyclobenzaprine made me so sleepy that I couldn't tell if the circulation was better or not anyway just wanted to give an update