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:confused: I am seriously considering having the surgery. Not sure yet if it will be partial or total.. I have nodules in both sides of the thyroid. I am hyperthyroid with Graves Disease. I am on 30mg of methimazole, 10mg of propanalol, hydrocodone 5//500 every 8 hours, cyclobenzaprine 10mg or skelaxin, butalbital , promethazine 25 mg, birth control, and benadryl as needed. I also have Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Joint Disease. What questions do I need to ask before surgery? Also, anyone have Fibromyalgia or Dejenerative Joint Disease and have the surgery? How did it go? What did you have to have done? How was the pain, etc.? Recovery? Any information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I am scared!