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[QUOTE=Allison1125;3512852]Hi Dawn. Its great that you are feeling better!! I too was diagnosed at 6 weeks and I am about 2 months into treatment (PT, neurontin, nerve blocks, etc.). I have the same stiffness that you wrote about but its in my foot. I'm so happy to hear that your stiffness has improved! It gives me hope that my foot wont be a brick forever. ;) I'm curious to know when you stopped treatment and when the symptoms started improving. I intend to go full force with treatment for now since its still early and I'm not having any terrible side effects, but it would be interesting to see the relation of the two in your case.

Stay well!!

Hi, Sorry I haven't checked back here. I stopped the sympathetic blocker (cyclobenzaprine) after about 12 weeks. I hated it. It was an experimental idea that my husband had. It gave me pin point pupils and tunnel vision. I continued with PT until my visits ran out. I continued at the gym after that, doing the same things. I stopped the neurontin after about 12 weeks. Interestingly enough, I had a respiratory thing in the middle of all of that and was on a steroid inhaler. My RSD improved for a short time during that with just a little bit of the steroid that became systemic. Makes you wonder about an inflammatory process as well. Of course, when I stopped it, the stiffness returned. Accupuncture didn't work but I tried it. Maybe it was a combination of everything, nothing or just time. I wasn't going to see which one so I threw everything at it. Good luck