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[QUOTE=istone;2844519]hi Lori
Do u know what kind of arhritis do u have? i have almost the same migratory arthritis stiff neck and knees and hit all the time ankles, wrists,elbows hips spine. did u get the dx and meds for this? MRI or Xray the proved this?
could be osteo in all ? u dont think could some bacteria or virus that causes all this in the body?

pls replay i will be glad

kind regards

Hi there. I know it seems strange but I dont technically have the exact name of the arthritis. I do know that it is rheumatoid and not osteoarthritis.I will give you a quick chronological background so that you have something to compare your symptoms. When I was about 17 I started suffering from really bad migraines and then, at 17, I got hit with Bells Palsy. that is basically like a stroke but affects the face only--it is as if someone drew a line down the middle of your face, and one side works normally and the other side will not move at all.This lasted for 9 LONG months.:mad: Anyway, I then got hit with Bells Palsy again when I was 21. Lasted 3 months this time. I was also rear ended in a car accident when I was 22. I had trouble with my neck from that moment on. I also get a lot of tension headaches.I still do get a lot of headaches. Over the last few years my symptoms have begun to include swelling and pain in ankles,feet,hands,wrists,knees,upperarm between elbow and shoulder,shoulders,neck,fingers and mobility--its just crazy.
Different diagnosis methods have included bloodwork, a c-spine x-ray and a c-spine cat scan. These 2 methods will confirm your arthritis and what kind you have. Different methods of treatment I have tried are as follows:
physiotherapy and chiropractors----I found the physio to be totally useless and non-beneficial at all (this could have more to do with the therapist I had as opposed to the actual method) and I would NOT recommend a chiropractor, as I was always in way more pain after a visit to the chiropractor. This may not be true of all people, but it was for me.
I have also been prescribed a number of medications--I have been on anti-depressant meds for the migraine and I have been prescribed muscle relaxants for the neck problems (cyclobenzaprine) I found these didnt really change anything at all. I have also used tylenol 3, demerol, fentanyl patch and percocet.I use tensor bandages on wrists,ankles,knees and elbows, and these help with the pain sometimes. I hope this helps you out.Also, this has nothing to do with bacteria or virus.
Lori :)