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Hi there, Thank you for the info you have provided. It was quite helpful. The reason I was asking that particular question is because at the moment I have no family Doctor(I live in Ontario and we have a massive shortage of family Doctors) so I have to see multiple doctors to get any info at all.I had to have x-rays and a cat scan and that determined that I have rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease, as well as a pinched nerve and bone spurs. And the most stupid thing of all is I cant get a referral to a pain management clinic because they will not accept patients that dont have a family doctor, so I wind up right back where I started. I have been seeing all these names for different drugs being mentioned for arthritis, and yet I have never heard of nor been prescribed any of these meds for arthritis. As I stated before, pretty much the only things I have used are muscle relaxants and pain killers such as tylenol3, demerol, cyclobenzaprine and percocet. I recently had a doctor prescribe the transdermal fentanyl patch and the percocet together, but everytime I tried to use one of the patches, I would become fevered and nauseous and I was unable to sleep for longer than 1o minutes at a time. It was terrible and I had an awful reaction to it. So that would be the simplest answer I can give you as to why I was wondering about all these other meds. Thank you for your answer.