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After I saw my new pain management doc earlier this week, he gave me a prescription for a compounded cream. Before I get it made up, has anybody every heard of this combination or has anybody every used it? Did it work for semi-superficial pain? I'm trying to get better pain relief for surface/skin pain that is pretty severe over my hip replacement, femur and lower back. Any thoughts? Thanks.

"DMS 0.5%, Dextromethorphan 10%, Gabapentin 10%, Lidocaine 10%, Marcaine 2%, Amitriptyline 5%, Diclofenac 5%, Cyclobenzaprine 5% in Anydrous base/PLO base."

What a cocktail, eh? All of this is to be compounded by the pharmacist and I'm to use 1 gram three times a day on my skin...over the parts of my body that hurt.