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Iam a 27 yr old father looking for some help so i can pick up my 2 yr old daughter again.

backround of injury

repetitive bending and lifting (50+ pound).

I was on my tippy toes bent at the waist lifting and pulling boxes when i hurt my lower back.

since my injury I have been in major pain in my lower back and left side down to my knee. I get a pins and needles sensation from my back,butt and down the back side of my leg. If i sit for more then 20 minutes my whole backside thats touching the chair goes numb including my testicals. I can not feel heat on my back. I know the heat pad is there but i cant tell if it is hot or not. The pain that kills me the most is right at the center of my back going out to the to my left side. I just cant stand it. I feel like my waist just cant hold my body and like iam going to break in half. Everything they have given me for pain just dosnt seam to work. First I was given Ibuprofen 800mg. I would take as directed 1 every 4 hours with no relief. I have taken up to 4 at a time and still no relife. Went back to the doctor and was given Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg tablets. Taking 2 before bed still with no relife. I was given Tramadol hcl 50mg taking 2 tablets every 4 hours and that didnt work. I now have hydrocodone/ apap 5/500 I take 2 at the first sign of pain and it dosnt take the edge off. I have given up on pain medication. Anyone know any thing else i can do besides hot showers for hours on end? The only think that dosnt hurt is laying down.

I had an mri just a few days ago and can post pictures if need be.

here is what my mri report says


The L1-2 and L2-3 intervertebral spine disc appear normal in height and signal characteristics with out evidence of disc herniation or disc bulges. At these levels, the spinal canal is of normal caliber. The neural foramina are patent bilaterally.

At L3-4 there is annual disc bulge extending approximately 1-2 mm posteriorly. This is results in flattening of the normal posterior margin of the disc. The spinal canal is of normal caliber. The neural foramina are patent bilaterally.

At L4-5, there is a broad-based posterior disc herniation extending approximately 3-4 mm posteriorly. This results in minor indentation upon the thecal sac. The spinal canal is of normal caliber. The neural foramnia show mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.

At L5-S1, there is a left paramedian disc extrusion extending approximately 7-8 mm posteriorly. This involves the left lateral recess affecting the traversing left S1 nerve root is unknown. There is mild canal stenosis. There is moderate bilateral nueral foramnial stensosis.


Can anyone explain this to me? offer some help? share some insite on what I may experience in the future? Tell me if this is serious or just a minor injury?

any info would help
Hey there, and Welcome.

The discs you've herniated are quite common. They are kind of like a group of friends...they always seem to be together when this type of injury happens.

I've had almost the SAME thing as you for 7 years now. I refused surgery back then, when I was 27. (that might have been my big mistake...other parts of my back have herniated since then). Anyhow...here's what I WISH ANYBODY TOLD ME when I 1st got injured.

It's fantastic that you got the MRI already. BIG step. If your Primary MD perscibed that for you...its ok. But you want to take the results to a Orthopeadic Doctor. Even if you have to wait a BIT, ITS BETTER TO HAVE A SPECIALIST HELPING YOU.

I know the "back split in half" feeling. Get a Lumbar Brace. Also, to help with the pain topically, you can use any of these...they helped me. Tiger Balm (Regular strength)...better than ANY BenGay out there, also THERMACARE waist wraps from like CVS...this helps you be mobile. And I see you have a warming device at hone...so thats good.They only help temporarily. If you have any Extra pounds on you, losing that will help so much. Also, keeping hydrated is very important for your recovery.

Other things....Accupuncture, Epidurals, Trigger Point Injections, Nerve Blocks, Radiofrequency Injection...they burn the nerves dead, IDET (intradiscal eletrothermal annuloplasy), or medication management all ordered by the MD.

As for medication, none of those you listed help with NERVE PAIN, which is what it sounds like you have. I mean , Motrin/Ibuprofin is great to decrease the swelling for the injury, but I think it sounds like you could use something for that pins & needles that you are feeling as well...thats the description of nerve impingement. The Cyclobenzaprine kind of helps this, but you are only getting those effects at night.

When you see the specialist, they will prob send you to Physical Therapy also.

What helped me LIKE A GOD-SEND was streches for my hips, and gluets/thighsmuscles...I could not believe how much that made a difference...basically, those areas are like a rubber bands pulling at those lumbar muscles/herniated areas, making it hurt 10x more. You have to loosen those upper legs/hips in order for the lumbar muscles not to be so tense. You may also want to get massages done...not the relaxing ones, the ones that REALLY help. I go every Week...or else my lower back is AS BAD as it was 7 years ago. Its expensive, but I didn't get the surgery.

How long has this been going on? I hope that you feel better sooner than later. The "Bad news" about back injuries are that it usually takes a good amt of time to fix you up to a tolerable level. In most cases, there is not a 100% recovery involved. It's described as a good 70% better ...thats what the MD's tell you as your goal. But many times people blow way past that, and recover wonderfully. It does take a bit of time though.

ALSO...if it happened at work...YOU MUST, MUST FILL OUT AN INCIDENT REPORT. You wouldn't belive how much that piece of paper matters. I thought I was going to be out of work for 2 weeks, and bithed about filling that out...I was out for 10 months, and got back to beong 60% recovered.

I gotta say, your MRI looks like a it might be a more complicated injury. I would get that Spine Orthopeadic Specialist very soon, so you may be treated properly. A lot of times, i have heard that the quicker you get these nerve problems (pins and needles, and numb feeling) treated, the better your success will be. Good Luck, and please always feel free to come here for venting or questions. I'm praying that you are part of that "100% better" group of Spine patients. :wave: