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Well, from all the replies, I guess it all depends on the individual and what and who they are comfortable with. I have gone to Chiros before and always had positive results. I did go to the dr. for my lower back pain last week (which only bothers me when sitting), did an x-ray, which as fine and she gave me pain medication (Naproxen) and muscle relaxers (Cyclobenzaprine - which I can only take before bedtime due to making you feel sleepy). She said if it didn't ease up by this week, we might have to look into physical therapy. I have nothing against PT, and I really like my dr., but sounds like she is just "assuming" it's some kind of muscle problem, without any other tests. Can't decide if I should go ahead and try the PT or go to a Chiro - nothing has changed much and still is painfully after sitting for a bit. No problem walking or standing. All this can really make you :dizzy: