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I believe I have found the cause of my MS (mine, not anyone elses). I wouldn't be typing this unless I was almost positive. Please read......

I am 28 years old. I have had bad symptoms of MS for the past few years and was diagnosed last february. I've been on Copaxone (no noticable changes with that), I've done the solumedrol (only helped to an extent) I'd go more into that, but you've heard it all before.....


For the past 11 years I have had this strange odor emiting from the pores of my skin (my chin, the creases of my nose, behind my ears), especially an hour or two after eating fatty foods. This odor is not limited to this, mind you... it was always there.

It is a putrid smell, kind of like rotting garbage. People really never noticed it unless they were close enough to me, but I was always aware of it all the time for years and years.

I have always had cystic acne as well. That stinks too, in two ways of course.

Searching NON-STOP on the internet I have never found anyone with the same oily face odor problem. Only found loads of informations on pets with this problem.

A couple weeks ago I finally found a new post on a messege board of someone with the same strange odor about their face.

A doctor gave a reply to this person that set light bulbs off in my head. He mentioned that it probably has to do with his liver.

It got me thinking even further. The liver filters toxins in the body. It made perfect sense to me. Obviously smelling like this, my body was not filtering toxins properly.

Thinking even more, I realized I have a plethera of herbal supplements on my shelf, one being Milk Thistle (1000 milligrams). This has been clinically tested for liver treatment.

This is the most amazing part .......

NOTE: I'm not suggesting to anyone to try this unless they have the same odor problem..... ALSO IF YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO RAGWEED TALK TO THE DOC. I have no clue how anyone else will deal with Milk Thistle or whether or not it will help you. TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT

I've been taking about three times the recommended dosage of 1000 milligram Milk Thistle every day for the past couple weeks.

The odor is GONE. I have not breathed through my nose and not smelled it for 11 years.

EVEN MORE AMAZING.... My energy level is off the wall (I feel like a kid again) I can run in place again. My L'Hermittes sign is GONE, no more "zaps". My fingers can move as good as back in 2001. My sex drive is back. Some of my numbness and tingling is subsiding. This is only after two weeks of taking this.

Unfortunately I'm still having trouble emptying my bladder. I tend to think this is a perminant problem, but I've learned to accept it. My abdominal hugging spasm obviously still requires baclofen and cyclobenzaprine. I'm definately going to keep up with my Copaxone treatment too.

I have a strong feeling that since my liver was not filtering toxins correclty, my T cells were trying to fix the problem, in turn, eating my myelin on the spine and brain.

I could be wrong, but if you could just smell the odor I formerly dealt with, you'd at least agree that my liver was not filtering properly.

I am so excited about this and I wanted to share it with you. I'm not here to spread false hope. That is not my intention.

For all I know my next MRI will look like hell. I'm not due for my second one for about a year. All I know is symptoms are subsiding much better than they ever have with anything. Solumedrol has nothing on the relief I'm feeling now.

Please pass your thoughts, I need to talk to people about this.