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Hi everyone,
I just found this board at the suggestion of my boyfriend. I have been suffering from TMJ/TMD for roughly 3 years now. After much trial and error, I have found a regimine that seems to work for me, for the most part. I am, however, trying to find out what exercises people do on a daily basis to help with the TMJ pain relief and to build up the strength of their muscles.
For those of you wondering what has been working for me, it is a three-part regimine:

1.) Appliance - the appliance that I have is worn only at night, on my upper, front teeth. It prevents my back teeth from touching and grinding.
2.) Medicine - my TMJ specialist has prescribed two things for me. The first is a very low dose of Valium to take during the day which helps with the clenching in my jaw muscles when I'm stressed. The second is Cyclobenzaprine (5mg), which I take an hour before bed. It is a muscle relaxer that helps with clenching and grinding during the night.
3.) Physical Therapy/Chiropractor - I go to a chiropractor once every three weeks who specializes in TMJ/TMD and something called Active Release Therapy (ART).

This combination has seemed to help me immensely, although I sometimes have flare-ups during times of extreme stress.

I hope this helps out!