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[QUOTE=SpineAZ;3538905]Personally I rarely sleep well on meds like vicodin, tylenol 3, percocet, etc. They keep me in a semi-sleep state at best. I've often had to use sleep medications to get myself back on track after I'm done with pain meds. When I'm out of work I just let my body sleep when/if it can if I am on the meds. I've learned that I have to decide between pain and sleep sometimes.

I have to agree. Pain meds keep me in a semi-sleep state as well. I would also check to make sure you aren't adding additional tylenol to your hydrocodone. Most hydrocodone medicines already have tylenol in them to supplement their effectiveness. You certainly don't want to hurt your liver with extra Tylenol.

If you do choose to take Ambien, are you taking regular Ambien or AmbienCR (extended release). The extended release version may help you stay asleep longer.

I have taken AmbienCR for sleep issues but I don't find that it helps with my neck pain (I have a herniated C5-6 currently under surgical consultation). I decided to quit the AmbienCR and currently find that skipping the pain meds at night and taking a Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) does the trick usually for me. Sometimes supplemented with Ultracet. Although I have to take Ultracet right when I go to bed or it will keep me awake as well.