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You will certainly get tolotance/dependence on Soma (it is metabolised to the tranquiliser meprobamate in the body)

You could try swapping to chlorzoxazone for a few days (this is cheap and nonhabitforming) or or even change to it full time.

Depending on what you are taking it for, orphenadrine or cyclobenzaprine might also be useful options.
chlorzoxazone = Parafon

orphenadrine = Norflex

cyclobenzaprine = Flexaril
Cmpgirl- I found it interesting that you said your doctor doesn't believe in the 4x a day Soma because my PM clinic doesn't use it period. They said "it is addictive" like I am not already taking 2 other addictive medications!!!

So far with my new PM I have tried orphenedrine, baclofen, and now cyclobenzaprine. I really don't find that they are that helpful. They take away the spasms, but not the burning/tight pain. The very first one they prescribed was Zanaflex, but my insurance doesn't cover it. For about 2 months before being sent to PM I had used Parafon and found it worked, but for some reason they don't want to use that one either. :confused: