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k2626, in 1999 I had scoliosis surgery and in 2004 I started having these symptoms, I went to 2 orthopedic doctors and they kept telling me that my pain was coming from the muscles trying to form around the rods implanted in my back. Then starting in April 2007 my symptoms worsened and they were more constant then before so I went to see my primary doctor. She was the one who said that I had fibormyalgia and sent me to see a neurologists, he did a brain MRI and lots of blood work. The neurologists is the one who told me that my vitamin D levels were low. The pain that I have been having is muscle pain and it is in my back, neck, legs, feet and wrist. I have been going to physical therapy and massage therapy but it never goes away. I take a lot of medication, Lyrica, Cyclobenzaprine, Darvocet, Calar SR, Xanax and Pristiq, which is the newest one. I actually started taking vitamin D (400 i.u) supplements before my doctor told me that mine was low. My moms friend also suffers from depression and her doctor told her that vitamin D was good for that. I have been taking the 400 i.u. for about 5 mounts now and I started the 1000 i.u when my doctor told me that my levels were low.