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i appreciate the knowledge...i honestly would say my pain on average everyday is atleast a 7,its always hurting!
I have tried the muscle relaxants in the past and i havent really had any luck with them at all...carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine both make me drowsy and others like skelaxin dont even work.But i go on the 21st for some inj's so maybe i will ask her for something for btp...i am just always so cautious when it comes to asking for new/more meds,i get butterflies in my stomach everytime.i guess b/c of my age,im only 22 and have the back of a 60year old man for real,i look like the humpback of notredame,lol.I just dont want the docs to think im looking for narcs cuz that is def not the idea,im in legit pain 24/7 and they know that,ive got document after document stating my state of back pain(thoracic region mainly)anyways i just always get nervous when asking the doc for better pain control,any suggestions?
thanks for your time once again!
Have a great night people
I think it really depends on your doctor. I understand about not wanting to come right out and ask for a medication. Many docs don't feel comfortable with that and I understand why. After all, it is their liscense at stake and they have other patients who would lose out on the care they are getting if that liscense was revoked.

I would just be as honest as possible with your doc. Let him/her know that you are getting some relief from your LA med, but that you notice when you do anything physical your pain will flare up or spike. This way, you are giving your doc the opportunity to offer whatever he/she feels is appropriate. If your average daily pain levels are a 7 or above, your doc might want to increase the LA med. Have you and your doc ever discussed what he/she feels is an acceptable pain level? For instance, my doc and I agreed way back in the beginning that a 5 or below was a reasonable expectation. And for 8 years, we have both kept up our end of the agreement.

About the Carisopradol (Soma) and the cyclobenzaprine (Flexaril).... it is very common for the initial sedation to last a few weeks and then disapate with use. The hard part, of course, is getting through those first weeks. If you haven't given them that long in the past, you might want to try them again. They also may work better now that you are on a different opiate/opioid.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific. It's just that, in my opinion, docs do not always respond well to a patient just asking flat out for a specific med or an increase. As I said, just good old fashioned honest communication is generally what works best. Good luck with your injections and I hope you get a chance to talk about this with your doc. Take care and please keep us updated. CMP/MM