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has anyone taken cyclobenzaprine for back problems? it's a muscle relaxer and i'm wondering how long it might take for me to notice a difference.

thanks, lucy
Yes, I use cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) for my back and neck problems. It's a muscle relaxant so if your pain is caused by muscle spasms or your pain tends to result in muscle spasms (my case) then it can work quite well. When I get spinal pain I tend to "tense up" my muscles so muscle relaxants have worked well for me.
Just so you know - I was one of those for whom I built up a "tolerance" to cyclobenzaprine where it works for me but no longer causes the drowsiness as much. But when I first started taking it, it would knock me out as well.
thanks for the replies. it's amazing at how different all of us are but we all are SUFFERING with pain.

i was really interested in how many days of taking the cyclobenzaprine would it take for this to BE GONE. i'm on it now for about 5 full days (1 every 8 hrs). it's feeling good until i'm on my feet for a long period - then the pain is back. i'm also taking darvocet for pain.

my problem is i'm a server and when i work i'm on my feet about 4-5 hrs. straight. i have to work and i'm 62 so not looking to start over at another job. i only work 3 days/week so i guess i might just bite the bullet and let nature take it's course.

several years back i had 3 epidurals - 1st one worked and the last 2 didn't do much at all. the last one the dr. hit a nerve and i about hit the ceiling!!!!! if i ever have another one i'm going to ask if they can sedate me (mildly). i'm a whimp!!!!!

go luck to us all!!!!! :angel:

thanks, lucy