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i have DDD, arthritis, and sciatica for many, many years. about 2-3 weeks ago i experienced pain in my mid-section, feeling like it was in the front and the back. it seemed muscular since it only hurt when i moved. also, i wear a back brace when i work and it almost felt like i might have been wearing the back brace too tightly (sounded dumb but that's excactly how it felt - like i'd been punched or bruised in the midriff area). i waited a week and it still hurt so i went to my family physician. all he did was press on my stomach, mid-section, and back and asked if i noticed anything different with passing urine, color of urine or burning. it only hurt when he pressed (pounded lightly) on my back. at that time i currently was taking mobic 15 mg. and should have been taking it daily but there were days when i couldn't because of headaches - the migraine meds didn't go well with the mobic. the doctor told me to take the mobic faithfully for 2 weeks, since the anti-inflamatory med just might do the trick. i faithfully took the mobic every day and i'm no better. he said to come back if it still bothers me in 2 weeks. i'm also awaiting results of blood taken that same day to check my kidneys and i also take ultracet on a daily basis and that had to be checked as well. i called friday (yesterday) and the results had not been received yet. i took the mobic but had quite alot of pain so i called my orthopedic dr. to see if they would call in a script for some kind of muscle relaxant. they did and i've been taking cyclobenzaprine (10 mg) every 8 hrs. since thursday evening. sometimes it feels a little better but at other times it's like toothache in the right side - lower back area. sometimes it hurts so much that it almost feels like the pain is coming from the abdomen area. i press on my stomach but there is no pain then but i press on my back and there is a really bad "sore spot". i'm about to go nuts i think. i hate every day having pain - it's even effected my work as i'm a server and can't lift and be on my feel for that many hrs. the only relief i get is taking 2 darvocet, but then i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. i've even thought that maybe it's "female", like my ovary or something, but i would certainly think that if it were something internal like that i would have pain, especially on pressing on the area where it feels like it hurts. my guess is i probably should call the orthopedic dr. and have it checked by him - not going to my OB/GYN nor my family physician. it's maddening!!!!! sometimes when i get up i feel so weak from the lower back down. it's really getting on my last nerve. i called and made an appointment with my OB/GYN as i was really thinking it might be the ovary, etc. i don't think i should be going to that type of dr. tho. i honestly don't know what to do. i'm hoping someone might give me suggestions.