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Dear Fran,
I feel for you. I get tightness in some muscles too. Various are stabbing pains. Some run down my outer thighs not extending down the entire leg. It comes and goes and is excruciating. Some medications need a longer time in the body before the full affect is achieved.

For systemic inflammation I use anti-inflammatory. I've become aware this year of my physical reactions to certain foods. Some foods promote inflammation and some inhibit it. I'm trying to learn about this without throwing off my blood sugar levels or thyroid levels. Some foods that inhibit thyroid hormone from synthesizing (?) are good at inhibiting inflammation (round-and-round I go). It's over my head. I thought I could do it on my own. I'm not qualified. I think I need a Nutritionist to draw up a diet plan with the right foods for the various conditions. :bouncing: Keeping a journal of diet and reaction if any has helped me identify problems. That is different then the cramping.

Alternating between several soft ice packs in a tube sock on the affected areas (over/under) with a pillow under the knees so they are in "^" position (side view). Moist heat helps as does massage and mild stretching. "Reflexology charts" (ie: massage-hands, feet, ear chart) may interest you. Between the charts, nerve dermatomes and myotomes maybe I'll get somewhere. I am only doing very gentle simple flexions and ROM because I am not qualified and don't want to do more damage then good. I need a PT. Someone to help me help myself stretch properly etc. I have a shiatsu machine and used it last night to try to help my foot. It made it worse and was too hard on the foot. I want to try soaks I've "heard" about but need to see if it is recommended (full bath that is) A solution of Epson salt and peroxide solution. I want to try soaking my foot first.

When I have that tightness (mostly neck, jaw, (have shoulder troubles) legs and outer right side of foot) I use wraps (aces of varying widths, cervical collar for neck) and another time a ankle support sock, arch supports, wide toe box, good footwear. The compressive action of the "sock" actually made the foot pain worse (I think), so, I discontinued that immediately. However they do help when I have wrist, elbow pain and swelling. Amitriptyline helps with some nerve pain (but can exacerbate palpitations and rapid pulse) Celebrex helps with sciatic nerve pain. The tightness is something I hope can be fixed or remedied. Cyclobenzaprine was too strong and I could not mentally function on that. I am hoping to find something that does not sedate. Looking for a quality of life. Pain control is top on the list.

I had a realization I need a walking cane. It cramps that bad. Last time I was in the store both feet started cramping at the same time. Usually it is one at a time so, I was able to manage more. I realize I can't do it anymore. As soon as it spasms I'm done and have to leave sit down and get off my feet. I want to ask the doctor about neural therapies such as trigger point injections. Maybe that would be an option for you? Someone posted a question asking about the effectiveness of the pain patches available by script. I've recently read about them. There was a good medication I can't recall it, but it was available in patch form by Rx.

Food plan for balancing body chemistry. In that the focus is monitoring the food combinations we consume.
When we eat proteins the stomach breaks it down with acid. When we digest carbs. that takes place in the small intestine and requires a neutral/alkaline environment. Avoid bad food combinations to avoid improper digestion of proteins and carbs. When they are not digested properly it can bring about a histamine reaction-having a toxic affect. These protein molecules are histamines-as an irritant, vasodilator, associated with hay fever, asthma, eczema, migraines etc.

I hope there is something in here that may help you.
Feel Better, G :wave: