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I guess knowing I could drive is ok, although I'll assure you that I won't be driving for some time to come. I almost asked the nurse if it was legal to drive in a hard collar but didn't.

This AM officially marks my two week anniversary, and I am, indeed, able to go out for a while; something I did not believe when the NS told me I would be able to do. But I'm far from being "normal", although I like to think I can "feel" its presence lurking in my body. I'm coming to realize that being on the computer for many hours a day is not good for me, so I will have to curb my impulses a bit! :nono: I hate that!!!!! And the incision is so ITCHY!!!! It's driving me crazy! And with the swelling, I can just "feel it there", sitting on and in my neck. Yucko!

The past three nights I have spent in my bed, with my down pillow and no collar, but I wake up with my muscles screaming. So it's cyclobenzaprine (Flexiril) time. And I've been taking a half Percoset a few times a day, as I've still been very stiff and achy. Then I feel guilty and wonder if I should be on all these meds, especially all the ones with Tylenol in them (I've taken a LOT of Tylenol over the years, and perhaps I should start to be worried?). I don't know what is "normal" for this stage of the game, but then I remind myself that my "normal" will never be 100%, then I get more depressed. I think the mornings, particularly, will be a definite challenge for me for the next few weeks and months!

Some of these feelings and worries come from my wanderings to where there are a lot of people in much worse shape than most of us here; a much much bigger place where pages go by in a blur! It makes me very thankful for what I have but worried for what might yet come; you know, as we've pointed out before, a little bit of information is sometimes very scary! Because of all the swelling, I find myself worried about what I imagine to be huge amounts of scar tissue forming around my esophagus and/or nerves in my neck, because I already know that adhesions and scar tissue are problematic for me. I worry about when (not a whether; I know it will be a when) I will need more surgery and whether technologies will have improved dramatically by then. And I don't know for sure yet whether this surgery has really helped me. I guess it's really early in the game, and as Bruce pointed out, this was "really big surgery" so I should not rush it. So I guess I don't really need too much "neurology support" yet; I should not get myself into a tizzy about "nothing yet proven". Like I said, things seem blackest for me in the mornings, I guess, until I get some relief. (yeah, yeah, but then there are all those meds... yada, yada, yada; :round: )

Well enough of my ramblings. It really is not total madness, but I only hope you will believe me.

jbell, you don't think I'm crazy, do you? (Hey, are you telling me the "j" stands for jester?) And mel, how about you?

Debbie, are you saying you are no longer on any meds at all? That's terrific! Don't ever take that for granted.

"Mama Joanne", thanks for the encouragement! ;)

Lea, you can cancel that APB on me! That's a good one. Instead of a butterfly, I think I'm hatching a horse with wings! ;)

Teri and Bruce, you know I always enjoy reading your posts...

[*]12/29/89 C5-6 Microdiskectomy (no fusion)
[*]4/9/03 ACDF C4-7 with plating and donor bone

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